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We appreciate our volunteers! We believe that by supporting our young people today, you are making a difference in the community tomorrow. We have 4 local clubs in Bentonville, Bella Vista, & Rogers, and we encourage you to volunteer at one in your neighborhood. You’ll have fun, you’ll learn, and you’ll reap intrinsic rewards while helping the most vulnerable in our community – our children.

URGENT NEED – Volunteers are needed to help rehab the old Armory building in Rogers.  The building houses the Boys & girls Club of Benton County Rogers Unit and is in need of several upgrades and repairs. The club has received grant funding to do the maintenance and repair, but needs volunteers to make them a reality.

  • Volunteers are need anytime before September 1, when the work must be completed, to:

1. Help with paining to improve the appearance of the facility
2. To install ceiling tiles to reduce noise levels

  • Volunteers are needed anytime before November 2nd, when the work must be completed, to:

1. Install kitchen appliances to enable on-site feeding of kids
2. Lay flooring to improve appearance and sanitation

ALERT – Volunteers are needed now to mentor middle school-aged youth!

To learn more about volunteering with us, please email Dennis Betz at dbetz@bgcbentoncounty.org. You may also find more information about specific volunteer opportunities at:
United Way of Northwest Arkansas or

Volunteer Match

Rogers Unit Volunteer Opportunities
McKinney Unit Volunteer Opportunities
Bella Vista Unit Volunteer Opportunities
HLM Unit Volunteer Opportunities

To become a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County:
1: Decide on the volunteer position that you would most like to fulfill
2: Download a background (see below) check form and return it to Julie Gunter at the McKinney Unit (2801 N. Walker in Bentonville).  Please note that it must be notarized. BACKGROUND CHECK FORM
3: Once the background check is performed and satisfactory, you can work with the Unit Director to set a volunteer schedule.  You can go to the Facilities Page to see the contact information for Unit Directors.


The Boys and Girls Club of Benton County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Full-Time Open Positions
None at this Time
Part-Time Open Position
Youth Development Coordinator

To apply send your resume and completed background check form to Kevin Crow, Operations Director or stop by the administrative office at 2801 N. Walker in Bentonville.

Download Employment Application

With your donation, you can help the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County develop healthy children who are successful in school and make positive life choices