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What We're Doing to Keep Our Clubs Clean & Safe

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our Club members and staff is our highest  priority. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boys & Girls Club of Benton  County has committed to adopting the following enhanced best practices intended  to help limit the potential spread of illness, per the recommendations of the CDC  and local boards of health.

We monitor staff and members daily for signs of fever using no-touch  infrared thermometers at all points of entry, following CDC guidelines. Masks are mandatory for all staff and members.

Daily Health Status Screening & Masks

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We have added hand washing into our daily schedule, in addition to installing additional hand sanitizing stations in each area.

Handwashing & Sanitizing Stations


We've increased  sanitization of all program areas and close contact equipment to a minimum of 3x per day.

Daily Sanitization of Program Areas


We have adopted social distancing best practices including limiting unnecessary close contact during program activities.

Social Distancing Best Practices

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We've added additional program groups to keep group sizes smaller and work to limit close contact between different groups of varying age.

Smaller Program Group Sizes