The Football program is for grades two through seven. Games are played in four divisions:

      • Grade 2 Division¬† (7 man tackle)
      • Grade 3 & 4 Division
      • Grade 5 & 6 Division
      • Grade 7¬† Division (three leagues/teams made up of attendees from each of the 3 Bentonville Jr. High Schools)

Watch for the announcement of the 2014 Toy Bowl Football Championships!!

New football rules will be posted soon

Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday nights and on Saturday.

For more information about participating in the Athletic program or to discover how you can Support Sports through sponsorships, please contact Shawn Nicholson at or phone 273-7187 ex. 18.

Support for Football is Provided By:Jarden

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With your donation, you can help the Boys and Girls Club of Benton County develop healthy children who are successful in school and make positive life choices