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2015 2nd Grade Champions - the Ravens

2015 2nd Grade Champions - the Ravens

2015 2nd Grade 2nd Place - the Bills

2015 2nd Grade 2nd Place - the Bills

The football program serves students from 2nd to 7th grade in four age divisions:
-2nd Grade (7 man tackle)
-3rd and 4th Grade
-5th and 6th Grade
-7th Grade (3 leagues made up of students from each of the 3 Bentonville Jr. High Schools)

Games are played on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Phillips Park in Bentonville.
-Subject to change, depending on interest level and number of teams.

Registration Information:
-Registration will take place at the HLM Teen Center at 1207 Leopard Lane in Bentonville, across from Lincoln Jr. High School.
-Please be prepared to complete an

3rd Grade 2nd Place - the Bulldogs

2015 3rd Grade 2nd Place - the Bulldogs

athletic sign-up form as well as provide the $90 fee ($40 Athletic Membership + $50 General Athletics Fee) at the time of registration. If you are applying for scholarship, you will need to bring a copy of your child's Birth Certificate.


2015 2nd Grade Football Schedule

4th Grade 2nd Place - the Cowboys

2015 4th Grade 2nd Place - the Cowboys

2015 3rd-6th Grade Football Schedule

2015 7th Grade Football Schedule

Team Assignments:
-All players will attend a skills day where they will be evaluated by coaches on throwing, catching, agility/footwork and sprints. Coaches will then draft players by

5th Grade Champions - the Cowboys

2015 5th Grade Champions - the Cowboys

age division. Once all players have been assigned to a team, the coach will notify his or her players to coordinate practice times.

-Returning players within the same age division will not participate in skills day, but automatically be placed with their

5th Grade 2nd Place & Sportsmanship - the Vikings

2015 5th Grade 2nd Place & Sportsmanship - the Vikings

coach/team from the previous year unless otherwise requested.

-Late registrants and players who are unable to attend skills day will be placed on a team at random.

Equipment Policy:
-Football players will be issued a helmet, shoulder pads and a game jersey. Players are responsible for their own mouthpiece,

2015 7th Grade Teams

2015 7th Grade Teams

chinstrap, pants and pads for respective pants.
-All Club equipment will be returned to Boys & Girls Club staff at the team's final game.

-Coaches and officials are required to complete an application and submit to a background check before volunteering with Boys & Girls Club athletics.
-Once selected, coaches will attend an orientation and coaching clinic to learn sport and Club expectations as well as sign a Code of Ethics provided by the Boys & Girls Club.

-Officials will undergo training on game rules and expectations by Boys & Girls Club staff, as well as sign a Code of Ethics to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all Club players.

For more information about participation in the athletic programs, please contact Kari Fletcher at (479) 273-7187 or by email at

For information on how you can become a Football Program Sponsor contact Amanda Cupp at

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