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Our Impact

The true work of Boys & Girls Clubs - the heart of what we do - lies fittingly at the center of our Formula for Impact. To create the optimal Outcome-Driven Club Experience, our Clubs provide high-yield activities & targeted programs, actively encourage young people to attend more frequently, and employ the Five Key Elements for Youth Development. 

The Five Key Elements for Youth Development emerged as critically important in a 2004-2005 research effort conducted by the Search Institute and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to identify quality strategies and practices that Clubs use to promote the positive, healthy development of youth. The findings showed that Clubs have the potential to increase their impact of young people when they make concerted efforts to implement five key elements in their operations.

Great Futures Start Here

Day in and day out, our Clubs follow a model for success. Research shows that kids who have an optimal experience at our Clubs are also more likely to have positive self-esteem, volunteer, and be engaged in school and learning. From our Clubhouses to our staff to our programs, we focus on delivering quality experiences for our kids. Our vision is thousands of young leaders thriving in life and strengthening the future of their communities and the world.

The Five Key Elements for Youth Development

Safe Env.JPG

1. A Safe, Positive Environment


2. Fun!

Supportive Relationships.png

3. Supportive Relationships


4. Opportunities & Expectations


5. Formal & Informal Recognition

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