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With high quality programs throughout Benton County, we've got something for every child & teen.

Sites in

Benton County

Youth Served

Healthy Meals &
Snacks Served

Find A Club

Boys and Girls Club of Benton County has six traditional locations, an athletic center located in Bentonville, and various "non-traditional" SKC sites within the Rogers Public School district. Each site is carefully maintained to provide a safe place for your child to have some fun, do homework, and be active. Each facility serves a particular set of schools and transportation is provided for after school care. Hours are convenient for working parents and healthy meals and snacks are provided. 

Our Commitment to Safety

At Boys & Girls Club of Benton County, ensuring the safety of all youth is fundamental to our mission. We work every day to create a safe & fun environment so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life. Click here to learn more about our safety procedures.

Change Lives

Together, we can move the needle for youth in
Benton County, creating real opportunity based on their potential—not their ZIP Code.

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