Club Policies & FAQ

Safety Policy

The safety of our Club members is the #1 priority. We do mandatory and ongoing background checks on all potential staff and volunteers, each of whom must follow strict policies and procedures. We also offer routine staff training experiences to build a culture of safety. BGCBC employs a zero-tolerance policy for any disregard of our procedures. If any issues or concerns are brought to our attention, we contact the police and Child Protective Services immediately. We incorporate the national BGCA safety standards and work with other community organizations to consistently strengthen our safety programming through new training opportunities. Every day, we work with kids to reinforce their knowledge of self-defense and safety smarts. And we listen closely to make sure that their voices are always heard. If you have any safety-related concerns or questions, please contact your local Club OR our Chief Operations Officer, Kari Fletcher. Additionally, the national organization offers a 24-hour hotline, 1-866-607-SAFE, and has developed a Child Safety Portal.

Ethics Policy

Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton County (BGCBC) requires that all staff members conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards of ethics and propriety. For over 25 years, BGCBC has worked hard to earn the trust of thousands of children, families, donors and community leaders. The practices in our Code of Ethics for Staff and Code of Ethics for Board Members help ensure that this trust continues. Recognizing that it is not possible to address all ways in which ethical issues may arise, the principles in our Code of Ethics are intended as a guide in making sound judgments and decisions on behalf of BGCBC and its mission.

Frequently Asked Questions


Glitch Portraiture -Violin solo, Electronics, String Quartet New work for Video Art by Christopher Richmond -Multi-channel fixed media Purgatory, a one-act chamber opera on the play by Yeats -dramatic baritone, lyric tenor and chamber ensemble Outcast at the Gate -electronics for Joel Feigin's new opera


Afterward -for ukulele Call & Echo -for solo cello Focus Breathing -for orchestra Sovrimpressione, v.2 -for string quartet and live electronics Sovrimpressione -for string quartet Seagram Murals, No. x -for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello Exposure Script, no.1, chamber reduction version -for chamber orchestra (2222; 2221; 2 perc; timp; strings) Exposure Script, no.1 -for orchestra (2222; 4331; 3 perc; timp; strings) für Klarenz -for piano and electronics (2-channel, 4-channel, and 6-channel versions available) Impulse -for viola and live electronics Child's Play Variations -for violin, flute, clarinet and percussion Prayer for Isla Vista -for viola, horn and piano Fugue for changes -for piano Residual Energies -for two electric guitars and live electronics for silence -for flute, viola, cello and percussion Be Comforted -for orchestra (2222; 4331; timp; strings) War in Reverse -for speaker, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, percussion, drum set, live electronics Projections, III: Beautiful Noise -for soprano solo Projections, II: Trumpet -for trumpet and live electronics Projections, I: Awaken Pierrot -for clarinet, prepared piano, dancer and live electronics Fractal Overture -for string quartet [reclines and starts to fade] -for just-intoned guitar and live electronics [nearly home] -for SATB mixed chorus Peace. -for five spoken voices Four Songs -for mezzo soprano, electric guitar and piano Duet -for clarinet and classical guitar


Strange Girl -for four spoken voices, vases, beads, four surface transducers and 2-channel audio Credo -for 2-channel fixed media Artifacts for Player Piano -for MIDI-enabled acoustic player piano, electronics and 2-channel audio Invisible Windows -for tele-performance of multiple sites, modular instrument configurations. Moment Structures -for tele-performance, multiple performers, twitter account


Hyperway -3-channel audiovisual work in collaboration with Christopher Richmond Rocksmith 2014 -Audio Composer, team lead; Ubisoft Studios, San Francisco Historically Black -U.C. Berkley School of Journalism Andie -24-Karat Fox Productions Roots, Thirds, Fifths -Off-Duty Productions


Cabaret -2-channel fixed media Let Down -2-channel fixed media


Jazz Suite: 3 More Moods from the West -for jazz combo (mixed instrumentation)
The Storm -for jazz band and string orchestra
Opaque -for trumpet, tenor sax, guitar, piano, double bass and drum set Said Quietly -for voice and jazz combo (mixed instrumentation; jazz band arrangement)
Brandon Bop -for jazz band